Naoya HIRATA “Sakashima”

2021.9.25 – 10.23
Opening hour:12.00-18.00
Closed on Sun, Mon, National holiday

Dealing with the themes of space, time, and physicality, Naoya Hirata employs preexisting 3D models and images, which he has collected from the Internet, and using an assemblage
method, he presents actual projections of sculptural works that were constructed in virtual computer
spaces. By manifesting other realities, which are part of a new order, through virtual images, Hirata
examines the relationship between real things by creating different versions of a plausible world while
at the time offering contemporary interpretations of sculpture history.

Hirata quickly moves back and forth between the real and the virtual, enabling us to enjoy the myriad
qualities of each state. The projected works are marked by disparate features: some are photographs,
others are three-dimensional sculptures made with a 3D printer, and still others are images.
These sculptural works, which dwell in a virtual space, are projected in the real world.

The title of the exhibition, Against Nature, is derived from an eponymous 1884 novel by the French
writer Joris-Karl Huysmans that was translated into Japanese by Shibusawa Tatsuhiko.
The story centers on Jean Des Esseintes, the descendent of a noble family, who shuts himself away
in a house in the suburbs, and while living a secret life, creates an artificial paradise inside his room.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to catch a glimpse of this artificial paradise created by Hirata.

Satoko Oe Contemporary