Two painters: Yuka SHIOBARA, Yuuka ISHII

2022.10.15 – 11.06
Opening hour: 12.00-18.00
Closed on Sun, Mon, National holiday

We are pleased to announce an exhibition by two painters, Yuka Shiobara (b.1985) and Yuuka Ishii (b.1995) at our gallery.

At first glance, there are motifs and painting styles that seem to have been drawn in past masterpieces and hobby paintings, but the method of selection and judgment, and the way they are drawn are greatly different, and the individuality stands out. In the information society, those masterpieces are actually seen by them, and also they have only seen them in the image. In particular, each artist is careful when extracting decorative elements that are repeatedly used in paintings and restructuring them into their own works. Please take this opportunity to see the two-person exhibition, Shiobara who makes her individuality invisible by repeatedly using the characteristics of a masterpiece in her own work, and Ishii, who makes her individuality visible by working against it.
We look forward to seeing you.