paper works : IKEZAKI Takuya, Makiko MASUTANI

18 May – 22 June, 2019
Opening hours: 12.00-19.00
Closed on Sun., Mon., and public holidays

We are pleased to accnouce the show of “paper works: IKEZAKI Takuya, Makiko MASUTANI” from May 18.

IKEZAKI who’s based in New York since last year presents the new series of works “The Address on The Address” which he attempted to work on the parcels and mails he’s received at the new address in New York. He draws the cycadophyte leaves or the waves which reminds him the longed hometown in the south part of Japan. The waves are sometimes made with the handmade stamps, and some of these works are colourfully painted with vivid paints. The excessive packagings of the cloths bought through internet normally go straight into the bins, without notice. However IKEZAKI treats them delicately and transformed them into the irreplaceable artworks which shows his current address and his origin.

Masutani captures the plants at the botanical garden in Shinjuku-Gyoen which is situated in the right centre of Tokyo surrounded by the skyscrapers, and is close to the shops offer the sexual services. She draws the plants and the colourful neon signs in one work. The delicate pencil strokes remind us the human nature of the people who’s related in the town of Shinjuku, but the brave composition shows us the brave the bravery on the other hand. Masutani attempts to wrap the wall with the hand-stamped wallpaper at this show. She’s been using the technique of stamping at her works, but the oversized wallpaper suggests more physicality, and spatiality of the works.

Hope you could come and have a look at the new activities of the two artists.

IKEZAKI Takuya was born in 1981, currently based in New York.

Makiko MASUTANI was born in 1982, currently based in Ibaraki.