Solo show of Shinichiro KANO

Period:”4 days for a flash” : 15 – 18 Nov. 2018
    “5 days for a flash (year-end)” : 18 – 22 Dec. 2018

We are pleased to announce the solo show of Shinichiro Kano in the two separate terms in November and in December.
The first term will be held between 15th – 18th November, and the second will be during 18th – 22nd December. Between these 2 terms, Kano will have a solo
show of “Jump Over the Flagpole” at switch point during 29th November – 15th December.
Kano paints the dice, playing cards, figures, and other daily objects around him
since his childhood over and over again with changing its scale, colour or the
texture of them. He has attempted many ways of installations to search other
combinations and perspectives of the artworks, however this time, he tries to use
the gallery space itself as a device to seek the new phase to see them.
The periods of the show are very short unfortunately, but it would be very much
appreciated if you could come and visit us to wander together with us in the
gallery to reach the new track.

installation views of “4 days for a flash”: 4 days for a flash