Mitsuhiro IKEDA ” dawn “

31 October – 28 November, 2020
Opening hours: 12.00-19.00
Closed on Sun, Mon, and National Holiday

We are pleased to announce the solo show of Mitsuhiro IKEDA ” dawn ” at the above period.

The work of Mitsuhiro Ikeda (b.1978) involves carefully planning out complex and inexplicable perceptual architectures and experiences and painting them in numerous layers. Each landscape is not simply a record of a place, but structurally resembles a novel imbued with the memory of a place, a tale spun through the intricate intertwining of motifs, paint, and subject matter. Scattered fragments of paint converge, fragmentarily remembered scenes are selected, and the painting completed as if skimming the top layer of a concoction. While foreseeing the ways in which things develop, he sometimes pauses to observe phenomena, at other times is swept along by the unrestrained dynamism of the paint, eventually seeking out and guiding the work to its conclusion. Each ending leads to a new beginning, with a fresh canvas and a new tale to tell. He maintains faith that endlessly repeated acts will accumulate to give the works their richness.

Light shines in, and images of objects and phenomena vaguely emerge. The outlines of shapes appear gradually, like mere premonitions, then melt into slumber again. In the outlines that coalesce and dissolve again and again, images take shape. Storytelling, imagining, thought, and more––are all processes that begin in this state between sleep and awakening. Rather than immediately rendering the contours of things clearly, I let my gaze linger on an undifferentiated mass of things, separating them out one by one and weaving them together in slumber. This process is not one of assigning or capturing definite shapes of things, but of distributing possible states of being throughout spaces.
Mitsuhiro IKEDA

The exhibition title dawn refers to the time when the sky grows light, but also has other meanings including “beginning” and “premonition.” At a time when the way forward is so uncertain, we will be delighted if this exhibition heralds new beginnings, like the creation stories of mythology, and sheds new light on the future. The gallery plans to present four to six new works, with a new work entitled dawn (like the exhibition as a whole) as a centerpiece. We look forward to welcoming you at the exhibition.